Meet Kellen Trenal,
The artist
Trenal Original

Kellen Trenal creates (he)artwork. Thousands of hours are dedicated to the continued development of his craft. His work is best understood as a meditation, recording thousands of hours of dedicated time to developing his craft. With the use of modern materials, Kellen continues a great legacy of ancestral traditions passed down through the generations.





Coming from both Native American and African American ancestry, contemporary artist Kellen Trenal (pronounced like "Chanel") aims to increase visibility for underrepresented communities. As an enrolled member of the Nez Perce Tribe, Kellen utilizes a wealth of his Indigenous knowledge to explore the intersection of tradition and innovation. Kellen's works range from hand-crafted accessories and jewelry design, gallery art, traditional Indigenous regalia, modern apparel, to much more. Each piece is a custom creation: a Trenal Original.


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